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Hi, I'm Legoktm aka Kunal Mehta! I am a recovering MediaWiki developer, inactive journalist, and free culture/knowledge/software enthusiast. I'm an administrator on the English Wikipedia and, and formerly served as a bureaucrat and administrator on Wikidata. I am a volunteer Wikimedia sysadmin with root access, plus a Toolforge admin, and happy to help out whenever needed.

I started editing in 2007, initially focused on ice hockey articles. I quickly became hooked with some more technical aspects of the site, developing Legobot, and later becoming a contributor and maintainer of Pywikibot. In 2012, after getting annoyed that people weren't addressing my Bugzilla reports, I sent in my first patch to MediaWiki and promptly broke the AbuseFilter for 30 minutes. Still, I was hooked. I joined the WMF in late 2013, initially working on MassMessage and Notifications (then known as Echo). I picked up global rename and led the technical work for SUL finalization (with a great team of people). I continued developing cross-wiki features like global.js/css, global user pages, and cross-wiki notifications. Most recently I worked on upgrading to Mailman 3.0 and re-enabling musical score support in a secure manner. None of this was done solely by me, it was always through collaboration with others. Currently I'm working on a new bot framework in Rust and serving on the board of Wikimedia New York City. I co-run Wikis World, you can follow me there.

To simplify the technical contribution process, I pushed and integrated tools like MediaWiki-CodeSniffer and phan, as well as creating others, like codesearch and LibUp. In other "free" circles I am a Debian Developer, contributor to Kiwix, and help run wikis for MusicBrainz, Uncyclopedia and Wikimedia DC/WikiConference NA. Professionally, I’m privileged to continue the work that the late Aaron Swartz started in SecureDrop, building and supporting software to protect whistleblowers and journalists.

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I formerly worked for or provided services to the Wikimedia Foundation, but this is my personal account. Edits, statements, or other contributions made from this account are my own, and may not reflect the views of the Foundation.